Monday, 21 September 2009

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

"You look more like George Harrison than I do"

Sasha Pivovarova and Dhani Harrison for Fashion Rocks 2008
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Saturday, 12 September 2009

Because Im dressed like Robbie Turner

My FAVORITE film Atonement
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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Clocks are cool

I'd hazard the guess that the reason us Brits are now inclined to burn the crap out of lots of meat at the first glimpse of the summer sun is simple because some rouge Aussie barbecue manufacturer washed up on these shore in search of a new business. And not because it's lots of fun and the food tastes great. And it isn't and doesn't. Face facts. Carbonized cow, a hot dog bun filled with wasps and a face full of smoke isn't our idea of heady summer Al fresco dining. Alan Hansen can stuff his Morrison's offers where the Sun don't shine.

You may have a clock on you mobile phone. but there is a certain romanticism and old-worldly charm to twisting your wrist to peak at a dedicated timepiece in order to see how late you are getting home on a school night. Reminding us of a age when stuff to do just one thing, i.e tell the time, I'm backing the watch to make a comeback. Come on, lets here it for awkwardly large wall mounted clocks too, and alarm clock for that matter, you know what time it is! Its Hammer time

picture from the furniture blog

Friday, 4 September 2009

I saw these bright coloured beauties on JAK&JIL they just make me wish that summer was not near its end and that I can spend the whole time in incandescent slingbacks. Autumn is such an iffy time for footwear, you can never tell what the weather will do next you will either get Autumn sunshine or appalling rain, at least with winter you know it will be cold and you can channel Alexa Chung by wearing socks with you heels. keep warm and still look cool.

Pictures from Jak&JIL and TFS

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

1 Being Bad and 10 Being Rad

Everyday my wish list grows that little bit bigger and at the moment I crave: Chained Clothing, Skull heads, Doc Martins,leopard coat, a new bike, more big tasteless rings, and a cat. Out of that list I will probably buy one of those things I want it to be the bike/coat but I am more like to buy the rings and skulls. Gutted. I need a job or else I will be in debt before I am 17.

Is It True You're Going To Run Away

After seeing just a few of Jason Lee Parry's photographs I knew I had a new favorite forming. I have a thing for shoots that look like those pictured are hiding out from the cops in the desert and Parry captures this perfectly

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

When I'm alone I find myself anchored to my computer. YouTube and Facebook are too enticing for me not to reach for my computer whenever I'm bored. Internet social networking is surely the saddest thing modern technology has to offer my generation. Rather than visiting art galleries or reading or doing anything worthwhile (eg, going to the pub), instead I'm posting boring chat on somebody's "wall" in an effort to keep up with whatever's going on. It feeds our need for attention and to some degree legitimises stalking. Surely both of these things are deeply unhealthy.

And yet before I had Facebook I had my phone, something else I constantly check for text messages, so perhaps it's just me that's addicted to the web/attention. I know this isn't true, though, because beyond Facebook and MySpace and Bebo or whatever else it is that happened in the wake of Friendster, the Internet is crawling with blogs created by people in order to document their lives via photos and witty throwaway comments they spent hours constructing. And if you delve a little deeper, if you want something a little darker, there are plenty of chat rooms associated with bands, actors and television personalities, people apparently either love, or love to hate.

I think for a couple of weeks, more like days or hours as my mother said, I am going to remove myself from Facebook, blogger and the like and concentrate on important thinks like not failing my maths entrance exam for the second time and getting my mind back out of its dream like state ready to learn.