Saturday, 28 November 2009

Magazine: POP, fall 2008
Editorial: ‘Feeling Falling’
Style: Katie Grand
Model: Agyness Deyn
Photographer: Ryan McGinley

Katie Grand: “[Ryan] sent me this reference photograph of kids falling off a fire escape — it was from the 1950s I think — and said he’d really like to have [Agyness] falling. And naked. So we ended up with two stunt men and Agyness jumping naked from five stories onto a huge huge crash mat. It was incredible.”

Friday, 27 November 2009

Floral Headdress

Step 1-
Gather the flowers for the headdress. Choose colors of different types and sizes. Choose colors that coordinate with the outfit it will be worn with. Include filler flowers such as babies breath or greenery

Step 2-
Shape heavy gauge craft wire into a circle that is just larger than the crown of the head. Make the circle large enough to sit just above the ears. Twist the ends of the wire together to close the circle

Step 3-
Wrap the entire wire circle with floral tape. Overlap the edges of the floral tape so that no part of the wire shows. Wrap the tape snugly, allowing for no movement once the entire circle is wrapped

Step 4-
Trim flower stems to 1/2 inch. Attach the flowers to the headdress by wrapping the stems with floral tape. Place flowers close together, placing filler flowers in any small gaps.

Step 5-
Heat up a hot glue gun. Put a small dot of glue on the headdress to glue any loose flowers in place

Step 6-
Tie ribbons to the back of the headdress. Leave lengths of ribbon hanging from the back that are around 12 inches long.

Step 7-
Store large floral headdresses in a refrigerator until it is time for them to be worn

Rebel Without A Cause

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I recently rediscovered my love for Velvet, that material that only ever comes out at Christmas or when you are four years old, with a peter pan color and white tights for a friends birthday. Its a comfort material that, as well as keeping you warm, makes you feel warm inside. Its a fabric full of nostalgia of forgotten innocence.

I have been in love with a certain black Velvet "See by Chloe" dress ever since it turned up on Alexa Chung and Tennessee Thomas. I need a version of my own, why don't I have a bulging bank account which I can dip into when ever I can. Its kind of perfect it has that youthful spin on It. I think I am slowing turning into a goth or I want a part in the Adams family. Either way I'm pale enough and I have read Frankenstein, which are must be on the check list that all wannabe Goths must follow. I must shuffle off as I have alot of Edga Allan Poe to read.
Also can I have red hair please

Sunday, 8 November 2009