Wednesday, 11 November 2009


I recently rediscovered my love for Velvet, that material that only ever comes out at Christmas or when you are four years old, with a peter pan color and white tights for a friends birthday. Its a comfort material that, as well as keeping you warm, makes you feel warm inside. Its a fabric full of nostalgia of forgotten innocence.

I have been in love with a certain black Velvet "See by Chloe" dress ever since it turned up on Alexa Chung and Tennessee Thomas. I need a version of my own, why don't I have a bulging bank account which I can dip into when ever I can. Its kind of perfect it has that youthful spin on It. I think I am slowing turning into a goth or I want a part in the Adams family. Either way I'm pale enough and I have read Frankenstein, which are must be on the check list that all wannabe Goths must follow. I must shuffle off as I have alot of Edga Allan Poe to read.
Also can I have red hair please

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