Friday, 31 July 2009

The death of film

I finally got my camera developed the other day, the last time I went up to the photo counter at boots I must of been about 13 years old. Christ I did not realise how much it cost,£12. But it got me thinking whatever the cost I will always love cameras that use film. I like the surprise off what the pictures look like, the colours and light. And I have a guilty fetish for the photos that went a bit wrong. You know the ones where people have their eyes closed or they are about to sneeze. But recently when I was having a bonding session with my auntie we came across loads of old photos, of her as a child and a scary amount of photos of me as a child crying, apparently my uncle found it hilarious taking photos of of his niece and nephew in fit of tears. I realised that if I use a digital camera I will never print these funny chapters of my life off, they will forever be lost in cyberspace, I will never be able to show my children me in my adolescent years, badly dressed, at my slimmest and at the funnest time of my life. I will now in future print off my photos or waste the rest of my money on using film. Film is cooler lets face it. It even makes a grey day seem like a warm summers evening. digital is the future but is boring and predictable


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  1. i agree.. film is better. i always print my photos and forget how expensive it is!