Thursday, 14 May 2009

Ode To Exams

When you are put in an exam situation, most people's minds start to wonder, while my brain often has the Kumars and Gareth Gates warbling though a Charity song, much to my displeasure.

I try to drift of onto other things mainly "how many tiles are on the floor", and "why do I write so fast!" well during my PE exam, or how may Grandfather brilliantly put it, "A what ... an exam ... about PE ... but that's physical education!" I got onto the question, at what point did I decide to stop listening to mundane girl bands sing bubble gum pop, the sort of music often played at a 1990's children's disco's, the same ones that when the party is over the teachers turn on the lights and laugh as they make all children squint at the sudden beam of light which blazes into their eyes, they then hush the boisterous pre-teens for silence, slowly they call out your name followed by the order "You can go your mums here".

At what point did it occur to me that music, in all its shapes and forms ... is brilliant! Was it the first chord to the Killers "Mr. Brightside" way back in 2004, or was it when, by accident, I picked up my first copy of NME and fumbled my way through its music filled pages, or was it as my mother put it, "The day you stopped being a bloody tomboy, and discovered boys!" also on this day I discovered Fashion, films, Comedy, Cake baking, London, My vanity, Make up, I can brush my hair. I discovered more that day than Christopher Columbus, oh I forgot I also found out about him.

That has got me thinking who was my first celeb crush, I think it was Dec of off "Ant and Dec" the SM:TV years, It was the classic 1990's curtain haircut that did it for me. I still get a little twinge whenever I think about Wonky Donkey, (The premise of the game was very similar to that of Catchphrase. The example the presenters always gave to explain the game was 'Wonkey Donkey'. It was a small toy donkey with one leg missing. Thus, it was a wonkey donkey. Every week, something similar was shown to the viewers who rang in to guess what it was. The golden rule was it had to rhyme.-wikipedia )

Oh my pre-pubescent years I love thee x

PS -Because Eurovision 2003 was the best thing ever:

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