Thursday, 11 February 2010


SCREAM and SHOUT and dye my hair BLACK or BLUE or PURPLE. I want to rip my clothes into little pieces and stitch them together to make new clothing. I want to run away. Sprint away, far away. I don't want anyone to come after me, I will run into new people. People with spirit, people with ripped clothes and colourful hair. People who eat cereal for dinner and never lunch. People, humans; not dummies. Not mundane creatures living out their pre-planned lives. I'll change my name to Tennessee ...
Anxiety won't exist and my attachments will be fleeting, if at all.

I've managed to push myself into a hole, there are others on top and I cannot get through the, they too are heavy with the expectations laid upon them. They were not allowed to wander and were caught in this trap, this hole.
Not anymore.
I saw this, and its exactly how I feel

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