Monday, 22 March 2010

I couple of days ago I was reminded that I indeed still have a blog. So, first things first, I need to apologise for my absence. But I have been pre occupied with talk of gap years and University's, Seriously how do you chose what university to go to I need to know the secret as I don't think I can make that life decision right now I cant even make peace terms with my wardrobe on what to wear each day. Recently my limbs have spent most of their time clad in black leggings and men shirts as all my dresses have disappeared, and I don't do trousers.

"Mulberry, yes" So reads my most recent twitter update. Although, technically speaking, it should probably say: “I can't make serious life choices so I will stare at the Alexa Mulberry dreaming that is in my arms” But if I were to write that, it would call for proper grammar, something the internet has rendered a thing of the past. Ha handbags oh the shallow life I lead.

Lying in a tepid bath, pondering just how bad it would be to vomit in it, or alternatively trying to muster the wherewithal to make it to the loo, was not how I envisaged my weekend panning out. It appears I had another Migraine. The morning after the sickness had ceased, I ventured outside in the direction of my school, to learn about writing CVs and first aid, It was a special study day I normally spend my time pondering over difficult maths for about 2 hours every day, but I had to reassure myself that there is life beyond QI on BBC iPlayer. I spent the whole day dreaming of Paris I suddenly feel compelled to take up smoking. It seems that everyone in the pictures I was glancing at while I was bedladen was at it, thank god for fashion blogs when bored home alone. I imagined In dark corners of bars fag-wielding folk playing games of cat-and-mouse with the sharp-suited bouncers who scurry after them and urging them to throw their addiction sticks to the floor.

Sorry If this Blog seems a bit over the place, but that is just how my brain is working at the moment. Ha :)

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  1. oh dear, poor you with all of that sickness, sounds horrible!

    in terms of universities it may sound obvious but do you know what kind of course you'd like to take? you may already be signed up to UCAS so if so sorry for sounding patronising(!) but they have lists of all of the Universities that provide your chosen course and then it's really down to you to think about where you can see yourself living.

    I didn't know an awful lot about which were the good universities (bar the obvious ones like oxford and cambridge) but you can easily do a little bit of research or ask around.

    hopefully this has helped a little and doesn't come across as completely condescending. I was in a similar situation at the end of A levels but now have a place for September after getting to grips with it all. good luck!