Friday, 10 April 2009

He met Marmalade down in old Moulin Rouge

I am saving up to run away to New york, Paris even London. I want to leave home and enter a Bohemian world shown in films and read in books. I don't want to work in an office or do something mediocre with my life. Nobody wants to be on their death bed wondering where their dreams went, I want to be like Casanova a randy old man recalling all his conquests. Well I would like to do at least one outrageous thing in my life, weather it being running away to Paris and falling in love with a penniless sitar player and doing the can can in the Moulin Rouge...

As you can tell I fell asleep while I watched the Moulin Rouge yesterday and yes it has now accidentally entered my sub conscious and now all I can think about is "I wonder what absinthe tastes like" and "why the hell cant Toulouse remember the most important line in the whole film" these important questions and many more are whizzing around my head as I sit here. I get to engrossed in films, I get obsessed. I love them, their beautiful pictures, dashing
hero's, ravishing leading ladies and vile villains, all entice you to enter their strange Bohemian world and I am easily led.

Photography is truth. The cinema is truth twenty-four times per second. Jean-Luc Godard

The world of "Bohemian" interests me because I want to be a writer, who lives and acts free of regard for conventional rules and practices. I want to be surrounded by artists sipping vodka and dripping paint onto a raw canvas.

I cant believe I just typed that, I sound like a balding middle aged art critic who quotes Picasso as "overrated" and thinks that the infant down the road who got a marker pen that wrote "this place is shit" on a road sign is a "genius" who is "rebelling against the system." I think that's the other side to my character who only gets out when I reach for the thesaurus. Anyway all this mindless rambling aside I think I just what to escape this Victorian village I live in and only return when I suddenly have a urge to go into Laura Ashley and buy a pair of curtains. Oh domestic bliss x