Thursday, 30 April 2009

Over/Under Rated This Week


Andy Warhol :
While I partial to the odd colourful screen print of Elvis and of course I'm grateful to him for getting his wallet out to pay for the Velvet Underground's studio time, Warhol's body of work, irrespective of it carefully considered intentions, is largely complete and utter pap, Pap. Still revered as a visionary and with his work remaining highly collectible, Andy's 15 minutes of fame have lasted nearly 50 years. Johns and Lichenstein would be screwing.

Why at special occasions, such as birthdays or a wedding, does some bright spark decide that every ones glasses should be charged with champagne? I know of no-one, no-one, who would ever, ever, order a glass of the bubbly stuff from any bar given any other choice, at any time, so why wheel it out now? Guaranteed to ruin any social event you drink it at and give you an eye watering hangover it isn't our idea of decedent fun whatsoever. Non Merci madame. Ou et le vin.


Steven Seagal:
Actor, producer, writer, director, singer-songwriter, 7th-dan black belt in aikido, owner of fantastic hair, animal rights activist and supposedly the reincarnation of a Tibetan Buddhist lama, or tulku, Seagal is a BEAST. Currently flogging his own energy drink cleverly named Steven Seagal's Lightening Bolt, along with working as the deputy sheriff of Jefferson Pariah, Louisiana, Seagal's thousand yard stare and willingness to wear funny oriental jackets makes him a fully fledged alternative fashion icon.

Late night TV:
If you can sleep and you're really tired, zone out TV will probably feature an American sheriff and or Ross Kemp. Not Kirsty Warker. Newsnight isn't really, low-effort, veg-out TV is it now? Whereas, perpetual re-runs of the 36 episodes of the World's Wildest Police Videos with a former Sheriff most certainly is. Nothing quite soothes a tired brain like bizarre traffic violations and horrific car chases.

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