Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Over/Under Rated

Over Rated

Food culture:
Everybody enjoys a spot of fine dining once in a while, but there has to be a point at which a line must be drawn. With television schedules and magazines stuffed with celebrity chefs and columnists spouting on about truffle oil, fennel, micro herbs, organic hand-reared chickens, jus of this, reductions of that. My head is spinning and I've had my fill. Stuffed.

I'll admit even I cant resist a bit of air drumming whenever I hear Sunday bloody Sunday, but that is it. Hanging around music mega stores and arenas well, well, past their career bedtime am i the only one to think that, album after album, We've heard it all before? Maybe Bono et al's post Joshua Tree output is like a turgid dog whistle that only I can hear. And don't start me on Bono, oh no. Take those shite sunglasses off Mother Theresa.

Under Rated

Ten pin bowling:
Massive in the early 90s due to a load of Mega bowls ect. suddenly deciding to set up shop in Britain, for some reason its popularity has now waned. Currently only the preserve of ironic fashion types posing at overpriced boutique alleys and underage kind who can actually get served at the lanes' bar at the retail park, bowling if far too much fun to be overlooked anymore. The essential ball sport for the lazy, unfit, or inebriated, ten-pin bowling should be like our national sport. Striiiiiiiike!

I know lots of people, vegan or not, take great offence when confronted by the art of stuffed animals, but for me they still have a "how did they do that?" childhood mystique. And how can you not be hyped by seeing a black bear on his hind legs with a salmon in his gob standing to attention by your front door every time you go out to work/school? That was a joke. He'd never have a salmon in his Mouth, it'd be a eagle. Taxidermy is amazing.

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