Wednesday, 10 June 2009

In the begging of the year like many people I set myself new years resolutions, and as it is the middle of the year I'm going to see if i kept to any of them ...
1. Pass My GCSE's
2. Learn The Guitar
3. Make My First Short Film
4. Take Proper Photographs
5. Lose Weight
6. Read More Books
7. And stop biting my nails

1. Well I will have to wait a couple of months but, which is totally not like me, I revised. I mean I have spent the last two months with my head buried in revision guides trying to cram knowledge which I wished I had learnt first time round. Saying that I do feel quite confident like the whole of my family have said "you have done your best"

2. I think I can be let off here I have been a bit busy to go out get my guitar re-stringed and then try and teach myself to play, unlike the great myth surrounding women I cannot multi task.

3. I have had about a million ideas, that hopefully now with this big break ahead of me these ideas will materialise. I am currently poised with camera in hand.

4. Well I have just arrived home with my photos which have been developed, Yes Boots, but crikey I have spent some serious money on getting them developed. Well my mother will be happy that I did not spend that money on another Breton shirt.

5. Yes, I have completed at least one, well I have lost a tiny bit. It was not like I was obese in the first place but the dreaded prom dress seems to fit perfectly.

6. Actually I have read more books than I ever have. See mother all this time I have off I am doing educational things. Any strange weird looking book and I will probably read it.

7. To stop biting my nails has been my resolution for the past 4 years and I have still not done it. I have tried everything; that foul tasting spray you put on the end, I have tried to ignore my hands, by wearing gloves, I have also tried to find a habit to take its place. But no nothing seems to help

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