Saturday, 20 June 2009


I chanced copies of these beautiful videos over at bien dans da peau and at first I assumed they had been created by some anonymous Scandinavian film director, a little speck in the gigantic sphere of Youtube.

Alas, further investigation led me to discover that they are indeed the videos accompanying Stella McCartney's special collections. I was a little disappointed, as I find my first assumption appealing, however it cannot be denied that these videos perfectly epitomise the femininity of the Stella McCartney brand and upon realising this was the project on which Stella had collaborated with the fabulous artist Sir Peter Blake it all made sense.Produced and directed by the Net A Porter team, the videos could easily be mistaken for the brainchild or Sofia Coppola or Tim Walker.

They are a visual treat and I'm sure for those of you who go a little weak at the knees when thinking of ponies, broderie anglaise and barefoot bike rides (who doesn't?) you'll find these a incarnation of your favourite girlish daydreams. I don't think I'm alone in wishing that my days during this summer will consist of spontaneous climbing of Magnolias (even more wishful seeing as they bloom in spring..) or ducking through floral jungles in creamy suits. Or wading through chilly rivers in my knickers with my best friend.

Ah, dream on, dream on..

Of course, they're more effective when viewed together, but I think "Poem" is my favourite, for that mouthwatering combination of the pink hydrangeas against the girls' suits.

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