Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Legends Return

I saw this on the Internet its a little sneak preview of the Arctic Monkeys new album

"Frontman Alex Turner, fresh from his expansive forays in The Last Shadow
Puppets, has retained that laconic croon, while his bandmates extol the same
Scott Walker influences in the music, injecting the Arctics with a new sound
that sends them onto wild soundscaping adventures. The confidence of the
musicianship on show is stunning - they have completely defied any expectations
or presumptions to explore the depths they can reach when stepping foot outside
their accepted styles. Lyrically, Turner is his usual eloquent self, but has
definitely graduated into an incomparable writer whose themes twist and turn
through stories and allegories so potent and profound it actually leaves one
breathless. Sloping organ patterns create a carnival-esque atmosphere across the
album, but it’s a spooky and ethereal trip, a lysergic cavalcade that haunts
every track."

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