Friday, 9 October 2009


As winter descends you deserve a new you. Now’s the perfect time to do a Gok Wan on your wardrobe; to finally peel off those skinny black jeans that have been bonded to your legs with cider since 2003; to bin the mascara (girls and boys); to donate the pointy shoes to a tramp and leave anything neon (so 2007) in a bundle outside the Sue Ryder shop.

Because this season its time to put on your favourite smiths t-shirt and converse high tops. At least those were the vibes I was getting from "comfort in strangers" and their debut EP, which as of yet is unnamed. The twosome from Bath, Lawrie McInnes and Alex Grassi -both 21- formed in 2008. Taking influence from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sigour Ros and The Beatles. They are like a breath of fresh of air to the pop saturated charts that we, as listeners, have become accustomed to. Its such a beautifully easy listen, like the Libertines but with better manners.

The three tracks which they have recently recorded: At Sixteen, Working man and Over and over. are songs that appeal the ear. "at sixteen" my personal favourite song from the EP, as my ipod can tell you, I have been listening to it quite alot since i received the Cd a couple of weeks ago. And its not because it appeals to my age group, Its because its a bloody good song. It reminds me of running though a field on a heady summers night, that's just me isn't it!

Its official they are the best thing to come out of Bath since Roman bathing and bath stone.

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