Wednesday, 28 October 2009

*Evil Laugh, Followed by Lightening*

Yes as "All Hallows’ Eve" draws it ugly zombie face for another year, yes its the only day of the calender year in which parents let there pre-pubescent children except sweets of strangers dressed as sexy Witches. My Halloween dream is to dress up as the Grim reaper and visit various Nursing homes and in my creepiest voice bellow out "your time has come!". Actually from the look of Britain's ageing population they look like they can handle themselves, so I might have to scrap that idea and linger round graveyards til I find a congregation of Goths willing to take me in and partake in my dastardly plan.
Anyway this year I plan to dress up as a scary Victorian child, A rich one as they often seem to have that glacial look in their eyes and white ribbons in their hair.

Now where did I put that fake blood?

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