Saturday, 17 October 2009

Who would you rather race a Rhino or a Lion ?

I fear I shall spend the rest of my life awkward, as I am inept in most social situations. Small talk makes me feel nauseous and a large group of serious people makes me turn white and shudder. Its those first five minuets - where do you sit, how do you act and how do you break the initial silence - that I often find that I blurt out inappropriate statements, or I try and sound wiser beyond my years. which is not the best thing when your the social vice captain for your house.

Thank god that my friends have become accustomed to my little attribute, Especially that Rachel Woods, possibly the only person who has ever overfed me and the only person I would rewrite Genesis for, its a long story. But with out her sitting next to me in English , me muttering - under a heavy breath into her ear "Daddy's here", I would not have a clue what a proper noun and other technical English terms were. High five to Ireland and our poetry about growing old.
"I love poubelle"

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