Tuesday, 6 October 2009



This could, and maybe should, be a blanket kicking of the wearing of sunglasses in general, but I'll keep it current and urge you to step away from the goddam, wayfarers. Once the epitome of Steve McQueen cool they're no the go-to accessory for every single clueless hipster on planet wanting to appear deliciously aloof, indoors. Everyone looks like a mug wearing sunglasses, that's a given, but on the rare occasion it's sunny do we all have to be wearing the same ones, nothing quite says glamorous, American anti-hero like .... the Jonas Brothers


I'd agree that the death of local shop and the independent beaker, butcher, and indeed candlestick maker is a real tragedy, but hey in today's modern society we've basically got what we asked for, convenience and everything under one roof. And shamed as we are to admit it, we like it that way. Need a frozen pizza, some socks a tube of toothpaste, a Nokia phone charger and Florence and the machine's new album? you know where to go.

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