Wednesday, 11 March 2009

25 Things I Hate

Surely it's a rather cringey and self-indulgent way for people to pass the time, sharing 'fascinating' truths about themselves which would otherwise have gone unnoticed by all their friends. Who the hell cares if you make great soup or were born in Tahiti? It's indicative of how self-centred we have all become these days. And yet, and yet... the more people took part in it, and the more of their lists I read, the more absorbed I became.
And so, like a mindless sheep following the social networking herd, I thought I'd allow you too,a sneak peek into the embarrassing inner workings (or rather, the mindless ramblings) of my brain (I think that this is a good way to pop my blogging cherry), by telling you about all the things I hate. I think there 25 facts that everybody needs to know.

1. I hate that at the moment U2 are everywhere, Bono's a scary man

2. I hate that I cant afford anything Luella

3. I hate that I can only ever manage to consume an inch of coffee.

4. I hate that I know most lof the lyrics to Ricky Martins, Living la vida loca off by heart, but very few by The Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff, even though I look it upon YouTube daily to practise, so that I can wow people at karaoke.

5. I hate that I get nervous about using phones

6. I hate that Janet Jackson lied, because the best things in life aren't free. Just look at Chanel.

7. I hate that I'm rushing this list so I can go and eat some cake.

8. I hate that I am forever buying stationery and yet never have anything to write on, or with.

9. I hate that I just had to look up how to spell "stationery" without it meaning I'm standing still, especially because I was right the first time.

10. I hate that I'm worried you'll think this note is incredibly childish.

11. I hate people who mix up "their" and "there" and "too" and "to" in text messages.

12. I hate that I love twiglets and hate marmite

13. I hate bright colours.

14. I hate not having a head for hats.

15. I hate that I hate people who wear fur even though I am happy to wear leather.

16. I hate that by this point the word "hate" has become less powerful, because I really mean it. When I say I hate Jane Norman.

17. I hate that I can't balance a cat on my shoulder while riding a bike.

18. I hate that I still can't speak fluent French, or any French which is actually useful.

19. I hate that all anybody talks about at the moment is Slumdog Millionaire or the credit crunch.

20. I hate that I'm struggling to think of five more.

21. I hate that I am not old enough to Drink/Drive. Not at the same time of course.

22. I hate being cold but I always, always am.

23. I hate Baby Ballroom.

24. I hate that hairdressers always lie about how much they'll take off.

25. I hate that whenever I eat Bread I have hiccups

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