Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The Challenge Part 1

Today I was set the task of writing about certain items;
1)Prom dates and when you should realise that they don't want to go with you
2)Prison and that I will be sent there for stealing a little Chinese girl
3)And finally someone should do a remix of "Single ladies" and call it "Single ladles"
As you can tell it's been strange day.
Yes I'm going to talk about prom again, sorry, and the subject ... dates. Now I don't know why I was given this subject, as I would be the last person to talk about dates "rendezvous" to, It seems that whenever I get into an awkward situation I suddenly develop tourettes, coming out with embarrassing and inappropriate antidotes, like a granny who has had to many whiskey's I should be placed in the corner and given a glass of water and left to sober up.
Having recently celebrated a friends birthday we went to see the motion picture "He's just not that into you" a film that felt like it was made to make women paranoid, but apparently according to the synopsis it deals with "the challenges of reading or misreading human behavior" thus leading to "Prom dates and when you should realise that they don't want to go with you". Obviously knowing nothing on this subject, I googled it and the first thing I found was: "What To Do If Your Prom Date Isn't Great" this title made me giggle so I will post their advise.

Just Smile:
So you didn't land your dream date? Tough luck. Even if you
ended up with the token class geek, never let your prom date know that he or she
wasn't your first choice. You're stuck with each other for one short evening, so
plaster on a genuine smile and play nice.
Keep Those Lips Sealed:
Avoid whispering to your best friend that your prom date is "so boring, you'd rather
be at home watching Grey's Anatomy reruns." In fact, it would be a good idea to
refrain from trash-talking your date until after prom. Or, better yet, never.
Dance, Dance:
There is no unwritten rule in the "Book of Prom"
requiring you to stick by your date's side throughout the night. Don't feel
guilty about letting loose on the dance floor with your friends, but save one
slow song for your prom date as a kind "thanks" for putting up with
Friendly Reminder:
If your prom date is lovestruck - but the
feelings aren't mutual - make it clear that though you're grateful for the prom
date, your relationship is strictly platonic. Do not follow this friendly
reminder by making out with your off-again, on-again sweetheart on the dance
floor. No kissy face allowed until you and your date part ways
Yes that is John Lennon using an oscilloscope, obviously
Til tomorrow x

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