Sunday, 15 March 2009

Prom/Ball/Gala/Dance I like the sound of Promenade

If you walk around school next week and mention the word "prom" to any group of year 11 girls, you will be greeted by high pitched squeals, arms being flung around each other, jumping up and down as they congratulate each other on their resent purchases. Yes it seems that this past week people, sorry I mean girls, have started to look for their outfits for the "night of the year". I am sorry if I don't sound that excited, its just the hype, the big build up, and the effort put in to finding The dress, yes at this moment in time it seems like I am the only one who yet to find the right attire. It's not that I am that picky, or snobbish (well actually I am, I will be the first one to laugh at the girl who quotes her style icon as Katie Price (above). Its just ... I'm lazy and polyester makes me feel sick, metaphorically of course, we all know that tequila makes me suffer from serious bouts nausea. If I wanted to look like Miss Price up there, all I would have to do is ask my grandfather to make a trip up to the attic, where he would bring down a suitcase filed under the "80's", I would then happily prance around like Joan Collins in dynasty (below) listening to "feed the world", just one big 80's stereo type.
I need some help, I don't even know where to start, what website to go on, whats the maximum I should spend ... all this pressure, I think I will just cover myself in glue and run into Jordan's wardrobe, what ever sticks stays x

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