Wednesday, 11 March 2009

My Terrible Trim

I was recently wondering around the web, trying to decide how to have my hair cut, plodding through the same websites like I had done six weeks previous hoping for this amazing coiffured woman to jump out the screen, begging me to have my hair cut like her, but proving to no avail I was undecided on how to have it cut, go short or grow it out, these two scenarios kept going through my mind since a week earlier when my mother told me it was time for it to be cut. I was sat in the chair and asked the dreaded question “so how do you want it” going round in my mind was the image of me with short wispy hair circa 2007, which I might add I was very fond of at the time but I was very conscious that my ears, the size of dinner plates, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, were visible to everybody I spent most of time wearing a hat as I cant bear the cold, or on the other hand let it grow out to that plain Jane length, neither long nor short. In the end I squeaked, “Do what you like!” My hair has been the source of much displeasure ever since I decided to go back on my promise never to grow it long again.
But this time I was going to be prepared, I sat down and watched “Darling” and I decided that I wanted to look like Julie Christie, all pouting lips and I want cute little bows in my hair, I want to grow my hair longer, have a heavy fringe and slide my hair into a little beehive. This look I will call a Beatles Girlfriend, (yes around this time I had accidentally watched “A hard days night” and my obsession began with the fab four. The 60s was the decade for me, all the leather, minis, and eyeliner combined with free love and dirty rockers? I'm not sure any decade will ever be as iconic) so I sat down on my computer searching for the perfect picture of Julie Christie, and so perched at my PC my head flipped through these pointless events that lead to my perfect hairdo and the next question …
To dye or not to dye. x

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