Thursday, 12 March 2009

Mammy Mammy Blue

"With his avuncular appearance and rich baritone, African-born British pop singer Roger Whittaker seemed like a late successor to Bing Crosby when he emerged into worldwide popularity in the 1970s. Although his initial hits were self-written, he quickly turned largely to interpretive singing as he recorded prolifically. With the front line of the popular music business dominated by young performers playing pop-rock, he and his music soon encountered resistance from radio and the music press. Also, the U.S. was one of the last regions of the world to acknowledge him, and he never focused primarily on America, resulting in an underestimation of his stardom stateside, where he was thought of as a one-hit wonder for “The Last Farewell." But he maintained a large following in Europe and the Far East where he performed frequently, resulting in sales that were estimated at 40 million albums worldwide by the early 1990s."-

One day while getting ready for school I turned on my television and watched GMTV, a daily occurrence, I was busying my self; brushing hair, eating breakfast, doing homework which should have been done 2 days before. When an amazing sound came booming out of the T.Vs speakers, it was an advert for "the best of Roy Whittaker". I have had many of an old man crush before; Ian Smith aka Harold Bishop, Roy Walker. But this man singing the infamous line "OH MAMMY MAMMY BLUE !" which made me burst out into an embarrassing fit of laughter, and as soon as the advert appeared it was gone. I carried on with the rest of my day until one English lesson I was at the computer, and out loud I started humming the tune to this legendary song, filling in between the odd hum was me doing my best Whittaker impression of "Mammy Blue". And so the craze/phase was born, we stopped our "Inspector Calls" coursework, who cared about that bloody inspector anyways, I jumped on wikipedia and read about this strange man that I'd never heard of before this morning.

Roger Whittaker your trademark might be your whistling ability, but "Mammy Mammy Blue" is a tune and a half x

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